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Find out version of NIC driver

Jorge Fabregas
Regular Advisor

Find out version of NIC driver

Hello guys,

I'm about to update the Broadcom driver for some of our ESXi 4.1 in order to make "SmartLink" work on our blades as right now, if we disconnect the uplinks, the NIC within ESXi stays up. (All firmware are up to date, we just need the latest NIC driver for the ESXi).

I got the vMA server in order to push the driver but before, I simply would like to know if there's a command (via vMA server) in order to query the NIC driver version currently used? I know the ESXi is using the bnx2x driver but I don't see anywhere THE VERSION of the driver.

The vicfg-nics command doesn't bring the version.

Jorge Fabregas
Regular Advisor

Re: Find out version of NIC driver

Enable SSH to the box and then:

esxupdate query --vib-view | grep -i bnx2x