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HP OEM VMware support

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HP OEM VMware support

Hi all

No idea if I'm posting this in the correct place. We recently bought an HP OEM VMware license with the understanding that this includes 1 year 24x7 support.

The license itself works just fine, but it's impossible for us to log any support calls for VMWare, either on VMWare or HP's site. On VMWare's site there just isn't any support agreement associated with our license, and on HP's site I can't even query this as in order to do that, you need a Support Agreement Identifier (SAID).

HP's callcenters (I tried a few of them) also have no idea what I'm on about at worst, and also require an SAID at best.

Contacting the 3rd party reseller we bought the license from, according to them we can log support calls for our VMWare via an HP portal. All we need is supposedly our entitlement number.

Does anyone here perhaps know what I'm missing? Does anyone perhaps know how I should go about logging a support call for VMWare via HP's site? Is that even a thing?


If anyone from HP is reading here, why oh why is it so difficult for someone just to get some information from you? Yes, I understand that an SAID is important to your company, but if I have a license number, an order number, a purchase order number, a confirmation number, AND an entitlement number, are you really telling me that it is impossible for someone in your entire, vast behemoth of a company to just look into this and tell me whether the license we bought for a considerable amount of money includes support from HP or not? Really??

Sorry for the impromptu rant, but it has been a really frustrating experience.

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Re: HP OEM VMware support

I'm not sure what information you need to provide to get VMware support from HPE, but I know HPE handles the L1 support at least for OEM Licenses purchased like you said.

I'm going to forward a link of this thread over to the guy who handles all the OEM Licenses for HPE from VMware (His name is Ron) and see what he says.