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Insight Control for Vmware vCentre install issue

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Insight Control for Vmware vCentre install issue

Hi were having some issue installing "Insight Control for Vmware vCentre" in our environment. We've managed to install it sucessfully in a test environment however when we do it on our production servers the install runs until when it asks to input "vCentre Server, Logon, Password" no matter what we do it gives an error "servername and vcneter credentials failed".


We've crossed checked the accounts and permissions and also verified the acct were using already ha "administrator" role to the vCentre but it still doesn't work. I've also checked the install log but it doesn't provide any meaningful information.


Anyone come across this issue before?




Re: Insight Control for Vmware vCentre install issue



Check by entering the fully qualified host name for the vCenter Server. Do not enter localhost or a loopback IP address.


Also check if the host names does not have any any special characters as HP recommends to use Letters, 0-9 and hyphen




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