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P400 - Logical Array Boot Order Issues


P400 - Logical Array Boot Order Issues

DL 380 G5
P400 512 BBWC
2x 72 GB SAS (OS onfigured as RAID1 - Logical Array A)
3 x 146 GB SAS
OS- ESXi 4.1 U1

I've got the 2 x72 (Bay1&2)configured as RAID 1- Array A, server boots ok, no OS boot issues. When I use the ACU to configure the 3 x 146 (unconfigured shows as Array B in ACU) as RAID 5, when saved it changes the new RAID 5 to Array A & R1 to Array B the end result I'm unable to boot. I had to delete the R5 until I know what do do so that I can boot to the OS.

How can I create the R5 for my Datastore & have it remain as Array B? Also how can I format as vmfs once I solve first issue?

As this is all new to me (steep learning curve) I'apprecaite if you could walk me through the exact process.

Thanks in advance for all your help



Re: P400 - Logical Array Boot Order Issues

Answer recieved from another area in the forums.