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Restoration using VCBImage backup

Occasional Contributor

Restoration using VCBImage backup

Hi All,

I have DP6.10 on cluster nodes, VMware version is 3.5 and Virtual Centre version is 2.5.

I have taken VCBImage backup of a test vm. In that test vm, I have 3 disks.

I have deleted vm and restored using DP.
Restoration completed without any error.
But vm was not getting power on. We got an error at the time of power on in VMware Infrastructure Client.

I removed disk no 2 and 3, then it got booted.

Can someone comment on this.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: Restoration using VCBImage backup

> We got an error

Can you share the text with us?
Have you taken a look into the 'vmware.log' file?
Occasional Contributor

Re: Restoration using VCBImage backup

Thanks for your reply, Zessin.

I do not have access to vmware.log file.

I can not perform test now, because test periiod is expired.

I will again post query if this test is done again.

Aijaz Khan