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Setting up VMware 5.0...

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Setting up VMware 5.0...

Hello All.


We have recently purchased a pair of DL385 G7's and a P2000 MSA to run our VMware on...the intention is to run both head units in a load balancing setup.  The FC's will be connected through a 8/20q.  Single FC per box.


This is my first ground-up install and I've run into something that our consltants have been no help with and I assume is just a simple fix, but for the life of me I haven't been able to figure it out.


The SAN is setup with two Volumes, explicit mapping on Lun 0 to the correct (and only...only working with one box at the moment) head unit to the larger of the two volumes.  The Qlogic HBA has been set with it's BIOS enabled per the documentation to boot off of it.


The install appears to go without a problem but the machine won't boot off it.  I can verify the connectivty through the web interface on both the fiber switch and on the SAN, but no dice.


I have no doubt it's some minor configuration that my inexperience has me missing, but, I'll be danged if I can find any documentation to toss at it.


Any suggestions are appreciated, and if there are any other boards I might have better luck with I'd appreciate those suggestions as well.



Steven Clementi
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Re: Setting up VMware 5.0...

1.  What size luns are we talking about booting off of here?


2.  When you set up the HBA BIOS, did you...

  a. Enable the BIOS

  b. Set the Boot LUN WWID


3.  Any thought as to using SD Cards to boot from?  I.E.  Why do you want to Boot from SAN?

Steven Clementi
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