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VM server sudden Spike in Memory Used during load test

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VM server sudden Spike in Memory Used during load test


I just started load testing apps hosted on VMware for a few months now. Currently, we are load testing an tomcat app on a VM Redhat linux server. I've ran several 24 hour load tests and at the last hour of the load test, the used memory on the server (-/+buffers/cache) spikes for about 10 to 15 minutes, then it returns back to normal. I do see performance degradation during this spike.
Now, I setup monitors to caputure every process memory usage during the 24 hour load test and nothing shows up eating or consuming free memory. The tomcat java process is not growing, so it does not seem that the app is causing this issue. at this point, i'm thinking that there might be something wrong with the VM server itself. don't know what to think about this now... by the way, I load tested tomcat apps in VMs before and never saw this spikes in memory used.

has anyone experience this issue before?
is there an issue/bug with the VMWare software?
Gordon Sjodin
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Re: VM server sudden Spike in Memory Used during load test

What version of vcenter and ESX are you using? I have experience similar problems in older versions.