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VSA & scsi presistent reservation requirement of ESX

Occasional Contributor

VSA & scsi presistent reservation requirement of ESX

Hi All,

I am using HP servers running ESX4, and has qlogic/Emulex HBAs.

We have a large FC storage (SAN) that doesn't support scsi persistent reservations that is required by ESX.

We want to use this storage on our ESX servers (no clusters), and we are looking at ways to over come the scsi reservation requirement of native ESX.

If I install VSA on the ESX, does it take control over the SCSI layer of ESX ?

Does VSA require scsi persistent reservation toward the block devices (SAN)
(Which leave me with the same problem)

Or it doesn't ?

and that solves my problem, and I can use that storage, and even gives me additional value of storage virtualization.

In this manner the VSA will provide the scsi reservation toward the ESX, but will enable me to use my storage, that doesn't support scsi presistent reservation.

Any advise would be useful
Thanks !!