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expanding sas (raid 1) array USING ACU

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expanding sas (raid 1) array USING ACU

We are a small company whom are running out of space on our local drive.

We have 3 bays which we are not using which means that we want to use these bays for en ekstra spare drive and to ekstra drives for data storage.

I have read that it should be farely easy using ACU just plug in drives (3. 2,5" SAS ) and add them to the existing array, but is that true ????

and is there a guide which could be helpful in this.

Thx for help.
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Re: expanding sas (raid 1) array USING ACU

sry think i put this question in the wrong place, but cant move it
Markus M.
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Re: expanding sas (raid 1) array USING ACU

Some more information would be helpful.
What Hardware?
momentary array configuration?
future array configuration?

But to generally answer you question: Yes, it is true. You can easily add disks to an exsiting array wich will be extended automatically.

kind regards
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Re: expanding sas (raid 1) array USING ACU

Thx for reply. we have solved it do and yes it was easy just add disk to array and then expand disk..

Just remember good backup (test it) before doing this.