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hponcfg administrator password?

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hponcfg administrator password?

Hello there.

I got BL680G7 (blade server) and ESXi 5.5u3 (HP custom) onboard. I am currently testing HPONCFG utility and it seems to be pretty useful, but I got few questions, may be someone will help me.

1. I was trying to export iLO cfg with "hponcfg -w" and "hponcfg -a -w" switches and it seems that "a" xml contains not only more information than "w" file (its ok according to man) but it contains other information than "w" file. Here is an example: there is a field IP_ADDRESS VALUE in "w" file where IP-address of iLO is specified but there is no such field in "a" file. And conversely there is a field WEB_AGENT_IP_ADDRESS VALUE in "w" file where ESXi hostname is specified but there is no such field in "w" file.

So I need to collect 2 files with "-a -w" and "-w" options separately to get full information or what?

2. Tried to config iLO with modified xml file (I get it with -w switch). Got a confusion:

what about <LOGIN USER_LOGIN="Administrator" PASSWORD="password"> line (the second line)? I cannot login to iLO with this credentials, I guess this line is ignored during "hponcfg -f" operation. New user should be added with <ADD USER> section and its permissions are controlled by other sections like <ADMIN PRIV>.

So what the second line is needed for?

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Re: hponcfg administrator password?

Not sure about W vs A, but HPONCFG uses the iLO Driver from the OS and thus does not need valid credentials there.
For XML Syntax reasons, you need to leave those fields there, but you don't need them to be valid.

There is a remote version of this tool you can run from your desk and connect to an iLO across the network (called HPQLOCFG) and it uses the same XML files.  There you need to either embed valid credentials, OR, you can pass valid credentials as a CLI Argument instead and the tool will swap them into those fields on the fly.