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vmware workstation 7:cannot install hyper v

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vmware workstation 7:cannot install hyper v

hi all

i want to practice hyperv configuration and and learn its working. i have a AMD ATHLON 2 x4 620 processor with 6GB of RAM. i have installed vmware workstation 7 for linux with centos 5.4 64 bit as base OS

i am able to install windows server 2008 r2 64 bit as guest os (after selecting the vitualization engine preferred mode as Intel-VT AMD-V) but when i select hyper-v in add roles, i get a message saying "this processor is not compatible".

anybody will question my wisdom in trying something like this.But I needed something for practice as servers are not always free in office labs to practice. i can install vsphere 4 and practice that, but when it comes to hyper v i cannot. i think i made a mistake in buying hardware. do i need a processor which supports hardware based DEP? whether my processor supports it or not i dont know, as the amd website doesnt say anything abt it

can someone plz throw more light abt it.

J. Maestre
Honored Contributor

Re: vmware workstation 7:cannot install hyper v

Running a virtual machine inside a virtual machine is as you stated not a really wise thing.
I'd think the error is more related to that than to actual hardware support.

Anyway yes, you need DEP. There are several tools from both MS and AMD to check the hyper-v compatibility.