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Re: Customer Service Complaint

Kristen Smith
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Customer Service Complaint

I am writing on behalf of Florence Campbell. She is 90 years old and called Tech support with a question in December. The tech person roped her into buying the HP110 mini. She received it on Jan 6, 2010. It has been sitting in the box until last month when she asked me if I could set it up for her. She was sick off and on ALL winter long. She was completely misinformed as to what "wireless" meant. No one explained any of it to her, the person wanted to sell the product. So, I went ahead and set it up 4 weeks ago. The screen is much too small for her to see. She put it back in the box that day and hasn't touched it since.
The reason for my complaint is that when I contacted customer service today, I was told that no exception could be made in the return policy of 120 days. When I asked to speak to a case manager, I was put on hold for 25 minutes then I was disconnected. I am absolutely OUTRAGED that your company will not make an exception due to poor health for a 90 year old woman and obviously makes a practice of preying on people who are older and/or not as computer savvy.
I appreciate your timely attention to this matter.
Thank you.
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Re: Customer Service Complaint

Hi Kristen,

Just one point but it is important. WE ARE NOT HP EMPLOYEES, we are only customers/helpers of good will.

I appreciate and fully support your anger however. What about sending an outraged letter to HP's board of directors ?

Frustrations surmounted are paving the way to expertise.