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Accessing Procurve Switch 2626

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Accessing Procurve Switch 2626

I have bought some old Procurve 2626 Swtiches for use at my office, we have received them with no manuals or CD's.
I have plugged them in and all works great.

I would like to access the Switch though via IP of a Cable Connection just to see whats setup inside the box before we start to use them.
I have downloaded a copy of PCM V4, from here:


I asumed this was the correct software for accessing the switch.
I have a Null Modem Cable for console access if needs be.

Ten years ago I used to own and access a 3Com Switch, it came with a straightforward user interface software.

I am in the process of installing PCM, but it appears way beyond what I need (1 gig in size ) - simply to view the switches setup - either via cable and console or IP.

Is there a simpler user interface I could use to login.



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Re: Accessing Procurve Switch 2626

I have installed PCM succesfully, but assume I need to set an IP on the switch.
I understand if the switch has been factory reset it will have no IP address, and this needs to be done via a cable connection.
I also understand that once reset it will work as an unmanaged switch ?

Trying to find a PC with a DB9 serial port is not so easy ~! :)

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Re: Accessing Procurve Switch 2626

You just need to console onto the switch via its console port with a serial cable.
If you have't kept a 15-year-old laptop with a serial port, you will have to use one of those awful USB-serial dongles.

Once your console connection is up (9600 baud by default) you may need to do a password recovery on it if it has a password on it that isn't documented.
Once into the switch, it may come up in the "menu" interface or in the CLI. The CLI is very intuitive, just like Cisco. To get to the menu from there just enter the menu command.
The 2626 is a nice basic switch. It will do VLANs and link aggregation.