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Change password on multiple Switchs

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Change password on multiple Switchs

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I 'm trying to change password on multiple switchs with CLI.
On telnet, commands work fine but not whith CLI on PCM 4.0.

On a switch, i click right and select "Config manager => CLI"
I try this:
password manager


I have always this error message:
"<Login: (> Failed>
CLI Login Failed. Please check if the device is reachable and CLI credentials are set correct within PCM.
<Capture: ( Successful>"

So i have tried to put the credentials before my command but it's still not working...

Anyone can help me ?
Maybe i use the wrong method for massive password change..

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Re: Change password on multiple Switchs

It sounds like you need to set the current credentials on the devices in PCM.  PCM needs to login into the device via Telnet or SSH with admin credentials in order to use the CLI feature.