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PCM Cant find Management Server

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PCM Cant find Management Server

My Client Software can dont find the management server. The Client was started one the same machine with the server?

All Services running?

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Re: PCM Cant find Management Server

Does your server have more than one network interface (either phisical or virtual?)


If it does, check the "PCM Network Administator's Guide" under the subtitle "Working With Multi-homed Systems"


From PCM Network Guide:


When PCM+ (either Client, Agent, or Server) starts up, it attaches itself to the

primary network interface. All network traffic between the Client or PCM+

Agent and Server will be directed to the selected network interface. For

example, if the PCM+ Client application attaches itself to the interface,

and the PCM+ Server is running on the network, the Client

cannot connect successfully to the Server.

To resolve this problem PCM+ has a configuration file that you can change to

correct this situation. To set up this file, follow these steps:

1. For a multi-homed Server, open the

commIpAddr.txt file with a text-based

editor (such as Notepad or WordPad). By default, the file is located in the


C:\Program Files\Hewlett-Packard\PCM\server\ config


2. Enter the IP address of the interface you want the application to attach

to and save your changes. For example for the network illustrated above,

you would add the entry in the first line of the file. Only the

first entry is recognized, and all other entries are ignored.