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PCM4 warning for MSM765zl module(s)


PCM4 warning for MSM765zl module(s)

PCM has been working OK for some time with my MSM765 controller. Then one day out of the blue, I got a warning sign on the 765. According to the event list this was caused by the device being unreachable and occasionally also by a high error rate. Since nothing has changed in my setup, I expected an imminent failure on the 765 and I have now bought a second one. I had been meaning to do that for a while anyway, so the two devices can team up.


The new device is mounted in a different neighbouring 5406 chassis, and it also gets a warning in PCM4. It seems like one "unreachable" event causes the warning to stick, and the MSM765 icon in the PCM device list never goes back to green - even if there are no more events.


Has anyone seen this behavior or know how to make it go away?


MSM765 firmware and

PCM+ version 4 update 1


Re: PCM4 warning for MSM765zl module(s)

The issue persists with PCM 4.0 update 3.

I have tried to increase the number of discovery retries and the timeout period, but it doesn't help.



Re: PCM4 warning for MSM765zl module(s)

Looks like a problem related to the Win7 firewall.


After messing around with the firewall and ending up having to almost nail it down to leave all LAN traffic alone, one of the MSM765s came back.

Since I have two 765s, I am using one to experiment with the setup, and it seems (as the manual says) that the LAN port is better for management. PCM still lists the operating 765 as unreachable, but on that device, PCM accesses through the internet port.


I will keep fiddling with the second 765 to find the best setup.


Oddly, I just got the status "good, but unreachable" and a green dot with a question mark in it. This is one of those illogical things in PCM that weakens the credibility of the program: How does it know that a device is good if at the same time the device is unreachable?

EDIT: Restarting the management PC cleared that situation.

Re: PCM4 warning for MSM765zl module(s)

Reviving this old thread because the issue has not gone away. It's not a problem per se, merely a nuisance to have two MSM765 devices listed as unreachable.


I have what may be a special setup:


The active MSM765 is configured as follows:

- Mounted in slot F of a 5406zl switch.

- Management on VLAN 1 through the WAN port.

- AP management on VLAN 207 through the LAN port. DHCP server for APs.

- AP internet access on VLAN 107 without any connection to the MSM765. DHCP server for clients is the internet gateway.

- 32 APs total.


Everything works except for the "unreachable" message.


I have a second MSM765 that I have installed in a second 5406 to experiment with the connection. I had considered teaming the two 765s, but that means provisioning the APs, and I don't want that, so I just have the second 765 mounted as hot-ish standby.

Whenever I change anything I can make the 765 appear as good by deleting and rediscovering, but after a while - hours or days - it inevitably goes unreachable and stays there.


Is my configuration so unorthodox that I should expect this or am I doing anything else wrong?



Re: PCM4 warning for MSM765zl module(s)

Hello Jens,


Did you ever fixed the issue?

I experienced the exact same thing with multiple models.


a Single msm710

A team of MSM 765's



multiple versions currently running

And HP PCM+ 4  V04.00.03.541


Automatic discovery or manual discovery works fine.

After a couple of hours the device is marked as unreachable.


I fixed the issue by correcting the windows firewall (and network firewalls) for procurve manager.

Checkout the device access for your Controller by right clicking the MSM in procurve manager.

select device access in menu and checkout the "test communications Parameters"  maybe this can give you a hint for communication.


Usually ping to the MSM is fine but SNMP or SOAP Fails.

start with troubleshooting your windows firewall, this fixed the issue for me.

and after that i was also able to work on the wireless configuration plugins.


Good luck!