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2910 2 VLANs same subnet to Internet

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2910 2 VLANs same subnet to Internet

I am currently working on setting up two VLANs (30 & 40) on a 2910 with the same subnet (10.234.43.x).  I can not get VLAN 30 or 40 to connect to the internet.



Port 1 Untagged

Port 2-5 Untagged



Port 1 Tagged

Port 6-10 Untagged



Port 1 Tagged

11-15 Untagged


I had it working yesterday but had to do a factory reset do to a different problem.  Is there something in the CLI that I am missing?

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Re: 2910 2 VLANs same subnet to Internet

It's very difficult to answer this without a lot more information, but in general it's not a good idea to use the same subnet on two different VLANs.  You can make it work by using the appropriate NAT on your router, but it's definitely not recommended.


Another general note: i've never found it necessary to do a factory reset on a ProCurve device.  If you have to resort to that, it's likely that you have some other problem.  I've never found any configuration that couldn't be completely reversed by running the appropriate CLI commands to reverse what i'd done previously.