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Clear password in Procurve 2650


Clear password in Procurve 2650

Hi All,

I have a Procurve switch 2650, I am unable to get login to this switch as unfortunately dont have the configured user name & password.

I found in the forum that if we press the clear button (which will be in front of the switch) for 1 or 2 secs then the password is gone. Is it the right way? and I hope it will not touch the switch configuration.

After that will it get login without user and passowrd? if so after then we can configure a local user or radius.

Please suggest me.

Thanks & Regards,
Latchum Naidu.
Respected Contributor

Re: Clear password in Procurve 2650

pressing the clear for 2 secs will just remover the password and will not affect your configuration and you will be able to access the switch to do whatever you want

Re: Clear password in Procurve 2650

Thank you very much for your confirm on this.
Jeff Carrell
Honored Contributor

Re: Clear password in Procurve 2650

Quick note, that feature can be optionally disabled, and also modified to perform a switch reset of the "clear' button is pressed.

To see how those settings are set, if logged into the switch manually, do a 'show front-panel-security'.

btw, the settings of the above commands are not in the config file, but rather saved in a different part of NVRAM.

If the clear button feature has been disabled, the other 2 choices (or one at most depending again on how security is configured) is either a factory reset, or call ProCurve techspt for a special way in.

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Re: Clear password in Procurve 2650

Thanks Jeff!!