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Default Password HP Procurve Switch 2824

Golam Siddik
Occasional Contributor

Default Password HP Procurve Switch 2824

Hi All,

We are fetching a problem. I need a help form you. We have a switch which is in the live running. I want to get in the HP Procurve Switch 2824. But I can not get in. I want to default user name and password. Or default configuration when this is new. Any one give me immediate response.




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Mohieddin Kharnoub
Honored Contributor

Re: Default Password HP Procurve Switch 2824


NO default password is set when the switch is new.

The default configuration is quit simple:

One default Vlan (Vlan1) with IP DHCP enabled on this Vlan, and it has 2 users built in: Manager & Operator with NO password set but you can configure other user names (Optional).

If you have a password already set on this switch, and you have physical access to the switch,
press and hold the Clear button (on the front of the switch) for a minimum of one second to clear all password protection.

You can also use the Reset button together with the Clear button (Reset+Clear) to restore the factory default configuration for the switch. To do this:
1. Press and hold the Reset button.
2. While holding the Reset button, press and hold the Clear button.
3. Release the Reset button and wait for about one second for the Self-Test LED to start flashing.
4. When the Self-Test LED begins flashing, release the Clear button

This process restores the switch configuration to the factory default settings.

You can have a look on the following link that explains with pictures how to do so:

Good Luck !!!
Science for Everyone
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Re: Default Password HP Procurve Switch 2824

Once cleara bastıgından emin ol - sona reset dokun cek - clear da elini 15 20 sn tut sabırlı ol
yanıp sonmeye baslayınca 3-5 sn daha bekle

i like it
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Re: Default Password HP Procurve Switch 2824

This is by far the dumbest way to configure a switch.


I'm sorry.


We have numerous ProCurve E3800 24G-2XG's and configuring the usernames/passwords is the dumbest i've seen.


If you setup the device using CLI with the console cable and set a password, you're factory resetting as soon as you try to access the web interface. It'll ask you for the password and entering the password you setup in CLI won't work because you need a username.


But guess what? It doesn't give you an option under the initial CLI setup to set a user.


Set it up via Web Interface and set a password? It will log you out and ask you to login. Enter the password you just set, no dice.

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Re: Default Password HP Procurve Switch 2824

Wanted to respond to this as yes it is a round about way to configure a switch.


What HP do not tell you is that once the Swith is configured via the CLI with a new password when you login to the switch via the web interface the default username for the HP 2920-24G is manager.


Hope this helps someone in future.