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LLDP VLAN tagging not working

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LLDP VLAN tagging not working


I have a 2610-48-PWR configured with LLDP to set the VLAN for Polycom IP phones:

vlan 1    

   name "DEFAULT_VLAN"   

   untagged 1-48   

   ip address   

   tagged Trk1    


vlan 20

   name "VOIP"

   tagged 1-48,Trk1




DHCP address for VLAN 20 are given out by the phone system. DHCP address for VLAN 1 are given out by two Windows DHCP servers. In all cases when a PC is connected it is put on VLAN 1 and gets a valid IP address for that subnet. When phones connect they usually get tagged for VLAN 20 and get a correct IP address for the VLAN 20 subnet, But, sometimes a phone gets an IP address from VLAN 1 but is tagged VLAN 20.


It seems that as the phone boots it starts out on VLAN 1 and then eventually switches over to VLAN 20. If the VLAN 1 DHCP server responds before the phone switches to VLAN 20 then the phone gets an invalid IP (VLAN 1) address. This issue started when I upgraded one of the VLAN 1 DHCP servers to Windows 2012 R2. It was never an issue with older version of Windows DHCP server.


Any idea? I tried configuring the new Windows DHCP server to have a delay but that didn’t solve the problem.


Thank you.