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Mutiple Vlan Access

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Mutiple Vlan Access

I have a domain controller witch is in a C7000 enclosure, the ethernet switch in the rear of the enclosure has channeled the ports to our core switch ( Hp procurve 5400 series ) for better bandwidth.

My problem is can I give this DC 1 nic and make it accessable to 2 vlans in my enviroment. ( how do I do this )
The channeling of the ehternet switch in the rear of the C7000 enclosure makes it impossible to give just that one DC access to the 2 vlans , cause the other servers also go over this line.

Are there any sugestions, thanks in advance for all the reply`s

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Re: Mutiple Vlan Access

Hi sjef_1,


You should be able to achieve this using the HP Teaming software on the DC - if you have it installed. If you enable VLAN tagging on the NIC in the mezzanine card (Gb2E,etc) and then setup the two VLANs in the HP Teaming software (Highlight the NIC and click the VLAN(802.1Q) button). Enter in the VLAN ID and IP address you want to set and apply the changes. 


You should then be able to place your DC on two VLANs. Don't forget to tag your mezzanine uplinks and 5400 switch ports they are connected to for the appropriate VLANs.




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