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Procurve 2626 Vlan's and Multiple DHCP Scopes


Procurve 2626 Vlan's and Multiple DHCP Scopes

Hi guys,

So I am completley new to Vlan and diving in at the deep end here.

I want to setup 2 Vlans on my 2626

At the moment I am going to leave the deafult vlan as my first and add in the second which will be for BYOD network.


For testing I will be using only the 1 switch (2626)

Port 1 conected to the Windows 2003 DHCP server

Port 2 connected to BYOD device (laptop)

Port 3 Desktop PC


Currently I have 2 scopes set up on server


I want devices in port 2 to obtain a 168.192 address and all other ports a 20.192 address.

So far on the switch I have -

Enabled Routing

Enabled DHCP relay

set manual IP for both vlans

on default ports 1 & 3-24 untagged

on Vlan 20 port 2 untagged


I think I am going very wrong somewhere as this is simply not working and have tried a variety of things which has not worked. Any help would be very much appreciated.


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Re: Procurve 2626 Vlan's and Multiple DHCP Scopes

On ports 3-24 I get assigned a 20.192 address which is what I want but on port 2 I do not get anything. I want any device connected on port 2 to receive a 168.192 address.

Quick note: all addresses have been changed from the real addresses. - server - scope 1 - scope 2 -Default vlan - Vlan 20 - Ip helper address on vlan 20

Re: Procurve 2626 Vlan's and Multiple DHCP Scopes

As well as the DHCP relay (which is enabled by default) each of the VLANs that have clients in them that need to receive and IP address from your DHCP server need a helper address - the address of your DHCP server.


i.e. Edge_1(vlan-77)# ip helper