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SSH Error in Log's

Occasional Contributor

SSH Error in Log's

Hi All,

Tried searching and couldn't find any thing got some 8206 and 5406 with the same problem all running K.15.02.0005 when I use Telnet I get no problems in the log file but if I use SSH I get this.


auth: AM1: Invalid user name/password on SSH sessioInvalid user name/password on SSH session


Is this a software bug, I can log in fine so its not a invalid account.





Super Advisor

Re: SSH Error in Log's

If the SSH session is success then this is a bug that was fixed in K.15.05.0003 as below:


Authentication (PR_0000058253) - The switch's event log reports auth: Invalid user name/password
on SSH session, even though the client is already authenticated.



Then you might need to upgrade to K.15.06.0008 available now in the website, check the release notes for more details.


Kind Regards,