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VSF Fast Software Upgrade (FSU)

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VSF Fast Software Upgrade (FSU)

I was reading the HPE ArubaOS-Switch Management and Configuration Guide for KA/KB.16.03 (January 2017) and I noticed a new Chapter: Chapter 30 "VSF Fast Software Upgrade" at page 653.

In brief VSF Fast Software Upgrade (VSF FSU):

  • was introduced with KB.16.03 (exactly with KB.16.03.0003) and is supported only on the two members VSF scenario (so it is unsupported on the four members VSF deployment possible with Aruba 2930F) depolyed using Aruba 5400R zl2.
  • enables VSF stack software upgrade with minimal (reduced) downtime by rebooting the Standby VSF member into the upgraded software image while maintaining the current Commander VSF member operational (management and forwarding).
  • differs from the known traditional VSF stack software upgrade procedure (which includes a step (a) during which new software images copy on both VSF members is done and a step (b) during which the whole VSF stack reboots into the new software images provided...causing a longer downtime since the reboot involves necessarily both the Commander VSF member and the Standby VSF member concurrently) specifically during the second step where only the Standby VSF member will reboot (becoming the new Commander) using the upgraded software image. The old Commander reboots into the new software image sequencially and re-join the VSF Stack as the new Standby VSF member once the VSF link(s) becomes operational.
  • permits a faster switchover but it is not Stateful: Layer 2 traffic is guaranteed within the timeline of 3". Layer 3 traffic is not (disruption).
  • lets the traffic to start flowing into the new Commander VSF member (the one upgraded) once it fully comes up.

Basically, hope not to be wrong in saying so, those sequenced reboots (the command is vsf sequenced-reboot {primary|secondary}) recall me (sort of) part of a Comware IRF ISSU procedure with two IRF members only...looks like ArubaOS-Switch is (for some features) miming the Comware.

Annouced here.

Occasional Advisor

Re: VSF Fast Software Upgrade (FSU)

earlier versions allowed scheduled reboots:

job reboot delay 1 "vsf sequenced-reboot primary"

Now, all scheduled sequenced-reboots fail:

Sw1(config)# sho job

 Job Scheduler Status and Configuration

  Scheduler Status : Running

                     Event or             Repeat Save
  Name               Time                 Count  Cfg  Command
  ------------------ -------------------- ------ ---- -------------------------
  upgrade            Every 00:00:01 days  --     No   vsf sequenced-reboot p...
Sw1(config)# sho log -r
 Keys:   W=Warning   I=Information
         M=Major     D=Debug E=Error
----  Reverse event Log listing: Events Since Boot  ----
W 11/21/17 15:02:01 04613 job: ST1-CMDR: Job 'upgrade' failed
W 11/21/17 15:00:01 04613 job: ST1-CMDR: Job 'upgrade' failed
W 11/21/17 14:58:01 04613 job: ST1-CMDR: Job 'upgrade' failed