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Re: Automate install of 4.6.16 NIC driver

Occasional Advisor

Automate install of 4.6.16 NIC driver

I have quite a few servers that need to upgraded to the 4.6.16 Multifunction NIC driver before I can install the 4.6.112 driver. Right now, I have to be connected to the ILO (since I lose connectivity during the install) and reboot after I install 4.6.16. Is there any way to automate the install and then reboot the server through SIM to do this install? Any other way to automate the process?

Rajashekar Chintakunta
Honored Contributor

Re: Automate install of 4.6.16 NIC driver

Hi MikeWachholz,

If you are using RDP it is a simple task:

1. Create a new job.
2. Add a copy script to copy the CPXXXX.exe to the target server.
3. Add a runscript to run the CPXXXX.exe file.
4. Add a Power control script to restart the server.

I am not very sure in HP SIM, but I feel if you could create a batch script you could do it. Post the query under HP SIM Tools and Scripts. Or you could also try using the HP Smart Update Manager(SUM). HP SUM is part of PSP. Run the HP SUM select the traget server/s select the driver you need to update and you will also have a option to restart the server after update. Select that and you should be good to go.

Rajashekar C.
Occasional Advisor

Re: Automate install of 4.6.16 NIC driver

I ended up writing the following batch file and scheduling it on each server:
@echo off
echo Installing NC Series driver........
cp009681.exe /silent /Force /reboot
shutdown /r /d 1:1

I had to do it this way since the NIC loses connectivity with the network and will not come back until reboot. I just copy this script, and the cp009681.exe to each server and then schedule the script to run overnight.