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Automating Network Booting to ISO over ilo interface

Kevin S. Young
Occasional Contributor

Automating Network Booting to ISO over ilo interface

I am looking for guidance; someone to point me in the right direction.


I am trying to automate booting systems to an iso that is hosted on an NFS Share on the ilo network (the system has no regular network connection) This means mounting the virtual media over command line, then booting to that media.


My goal is to accomplish this without any direct user interaction to the ilo console (command line is okay).


I've been looking at Smart Start Scripting Toolbox, but it seems to rely on setting up a PXE server; however I believe that would require forcing the user to select an option from the PXE menu.


Dell provides this functionality via WSMAN specifically   so i am looking to see if there is an HP alternative.


I am running Lights-Out 100i on a DL170e G6

Honored Contributor

Re: Automating Network Booting to ISO over ilo interface


If the server has no network connection then PXE is not an option. SmartStart/Firmware DVDs can be used to boot a server over PXE but in your case it appears that only the iLO card has a network connection to the NFS share. In this case, you need to look at the Lights Out Scripting which will allow you to run a script against the iLO to mount the .iso on the iLO. This will now appear a s a locally attached DVD to the server and when the server is rebooted it should boot from this virtual DVD.

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