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101 IO ROM error on Proliant ML370 G3

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Carlos Secades
Occasional Advisor

101 IO ROM error on Proliant ML370 G3


are you aware of this error?
"101 IO ROM error"

The server shows this server at rebooting, so it's not possible to start operating systems.
It looks to be an smartarray controller problem

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance
Prashant (I am Back)
Honored Contributor

Re: 101 IO ROM error on Proliant ML370 G3


Try Correcting switch settings to resolves.

1) Power off server.
2) Put all dip switches located on server feature board -to- ON.
3) Put all dip switches located on server feature board -to- OFF.
* Leave switch 3 ON if it is a Rack.

Switchbank (SW1) Default Settings:

Switch 1 (Video disable override): Open (OFF): Onboard integrated video is enabled. Closed (ON): Onboard integrated video is disabled

Switch 2 (Lock configuration): Open (OFF): Configuration unlocked and can be altered. Closed (ON): Locks system configuration and cannot be altered

Switch 3 (Tower-to-rack conversion): Open (OFF): Tower configuration. Closed (ON): Rack-mount configuration

Switch 4 (Diskette boot feature): Open (OFF): Diskette boot can be changed through system configuration utility Closed (ON): Diskette drive is enabled for booting, overriding the system configuration utility

Switch 5 (Power on password): Open (OFF): Power on password feature is enabled. Closed (ON): Power on password featureo is disabled

Switch 6 (Maintenance): Open (OFF): NVRAM is validated; configuration saved. Closed (ON): NVRAM is invalidated; configuration erased

Prashant S.
Nothing is impossible
Honored Contributor

Re: 101 IO ROM error on Proliant ML370 G3

Hi Carlos,

If the error goes away when the Smart Array is removed then you have found the source of the problem and the Smart Array will have to be replaced under warranty as it is failing its ROM based tests during POST. By replacing it you won't lose any pre-configured raid sets or data as this is stored on the disks and detected by the new controller.

With this type of error it could be any PCI device which can cause the problem so it is generally a case of removing them until you find the culprit.

I hope this helps,

Carlos Secades
Occasional Advisor

Re: 101 IO ROM error on Proliant ML370 G3

Hi all,

thanks a lot for your help.
we replace the SmarArray 6400 controller by a new one and now it works.
At the beginning I was told by the local HP support it was a problem with the Motherboard. They started replacing the Motherboard but we got the same error, then we decided to replace the SmartArray Controller and the error was gone.

Once again, thanks to all for the kind support

Scott Mickelson
Occasional Visitor

Re: 101 IO ROM error on Proliant ML370 G3

I have an ML350 that was showing the same error message. I also recieved a memory parity error. It happend randomly on boot, and would also hang at times in Server 2003. I removed an intel PCI network adapter that I had installed a little while ago and have never seen the errors again. So try removing any add-on hardware before diagnosing the memory.
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