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1720-Slot 0 Drive Array Detect Imminent Failure

Will Kinkaid
Occasional Visitor

1720-Slot 0 Drive Array Detect Imminent Failure

Hello- I recently inherited an old Proliant DL360 G4. When I received it, everything was fine. I updated all the firmware using the maintenance CD, and now I receive the following error message on post:

Slot 0 HP Smart Array 6i Controller (64MB v2.84) 1 Logical Drive
1720-Slot 0 Drive Array - S.M.A.R.T. Hard Drive(s) Detect Imminent Failure: SCSI ID 0

I had another drive on a shelf, I pulled SCSI ID 0 and replaced it with the spare, the error message continues.

I did some research, and found that sometimes these older drives will give a false error message, and it can be fixed with the M&P patch- I found the patch (version 1.5) and applied it, still receive the same error.

I've attached the ADU report- any suggestions? Thanks!
Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

Re: 1720-Slot 0 Drive Array Detect Imminent Failure

Did you upgrade the firmware on the hard drives also? This can fix the drive glitch. You should do the server, controller and then the drive firmware
Will Kinkaid
Occasional Visitor

Re: 1720-Slot 0 Drive Array Detect Imminent Failure

Hi Michael-

Thanks for the reply. When I ran the maintenance CD the second time, it said everything was current (I'm assuming it has hard drive firmware in the release, I could be wrong...) I dug into the ADU report, and it shows the model of the "imminent failure" drive as:


and the firmware as:


From what I could find on old forum threads that's current, but I couldn't find a link to that model drive's firmware in downloads.

The working drive is a different model:


and it's firmware is:


I was thinking the firmware was different because the models are different- or do I just have old drive firmware? If so, any idea where to hunt down the right version?