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1777 post error on Blade 20p g2

Occasional Contributor

1777 post error on Blade 20p g2

Hi all,

on my blade 20p g2 the following error it's appeared:

1777-slot 0 drive Array - Proliant Storage Enclosure Problem Detected
SCSI port 2: Wide SCSI Transfer Failed - Check SCSI Cables

The Troubleshooting Guide suggests:

a. Compare the cabling against the diagrams in the HP Smart Array Controller User Guide.
b. If the routing is correct, replace cables in the specified port until the POST error message is eliminated.

but how can i perform these actions? Blades haven't SCSI cables to replace...actually they have not cables!
pls help me!!

thanks in advance.
Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: 1777 post error on Blade 20p g2

Hi Francesco:

The Blade server Don't have calbes
- only SCSI backplane,

So possible could be controller issue or board issue.

SCSI backplane board with cable (dongle cable ) spare 348273-001 There is also diagnostic cable spare 305318-001.

The dongle cable connectors are different on the system boards, as well as the scsi backplanes.

possible that cable has bent pin or bad.
- so could be these cables that are bad.

Please reseat these cables and check for damage.

Best regards,

Hey, look a light at the end of the tunnel.
Paul Young_3
Frequent Advisor

Re: 1777 post error on Blade 20p g2


I have had this issue several times on DL360s - not that far removed from a blade server despite the hype!

The only fix after much pestering was to replace the MB. This was done after the ROC and the SCSI backing plate etc.

The next time it happened I just did the MB swap straight away and it fixed it. Though I still feel that is a drastic fix.

Abdul Elabbar
Occasional Advisor

Re: 1777 post error on Blade 20p g2

i have the same problem with a DL360 as well! it gives a 1777 and doesnt read any hdd