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ADG on Smart Array 5304


ADG on Smart Array 5304

I've got a 5304/128MB and it should have ADG enabled by default, but it looks to be missing.
I've six 300GB disks mounted, but no menu shows me the ADG option when I try to create a new array/volume. Only usual RAID 0,1,5 appear.
What do I have to do in order to enableADG on this 5304?
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Re: ADG on Smart Array 5304

Hi Tonino,

The Smart Array 5304 should come by default with the ADG Enabler installed but if it was purchased as a 5302 and parts added to make it into a 5304 it may not have the enabler.

This enabler is a small plastic card which snaps into the main controller board to the right of the battery section. (See attached image). This small card shorts out a couple of pins on the controller, enabling ADG.

Check that it is present. It can be purchased seperately from HP.
Option (Sales part number) is 199371-B21.
Spare (Service part number) is 233140-001.

I hope this helps.