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Adding a 3rd. Array on P420I Smart Array Controller.

New Member

Adding a 3rd. Array on P420I Smart Array Controller.

I have an existing ML350P g8 Server with (2) 600 gb SAS Drives in Raid1 (Mirror) and (2) 3 TB SAS Drives in Raid1 (Mirror) Configuration . There presently are (3) Logical (C,F,T) Drives in this Config. We now have a need to add more Storage as Drive C & Drive F are nearing full capacity.  We purchased (2) 3TB Drives with the intention of Creating a 3rd. Array to accommodate these new drives.


My Problem is that in the ACU Utility "Create Array" Button is not available. I am able to see the new 3 TB Physical Drives in ACU but so far I haven't been able to Create the 3rd. Array. I want to move Logical Drive F to the 3rd. Array but I don't seem to be able to get there from here . I would also like to remove the old Array "B" from the 600 GB Drive and use all of the existing 600 gb for logical Drive C.


What am I missing here ?


Ken Tarver (Personal Info Erased)