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Adding additional HDD cages

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Adding additional HDD cages

I wanna know the best practice for following scenarios,

Assumptions : P440/2G ar is the default controller / server is DL380 / the disks installing in the 2sff cage is SATA SSD.

8SFF server + adding 2sff cage >> what storage controller to use with the P440/2G? 

We can use B140i / 12G sasa expander / or replace P440 with P840 / going with H240

I want to know the most cost effective and reliable option.

I saw a link which says there will be issues when using B140i iwth another controller

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Re: Adding additional HDD cages

My rules for configuring Proliant servers are the following

1. I never use software RAID

2. I only use SFF SAS disks

3. I never use SAS expander cards

You did not indicate what the intended use of this server is. Is it storage or performance oriented?

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Re: Adding additional HDD cages


Jimmy Vance

Re: Adding additional HDD cages

Keep in mind the B140i is a SATA only controller and requires a driver for RAID functionality (software RAID). It can be cabled to the 2 sff cage.  The SAS expander will not work with the B140i controller. The SAS expander works with the "P" series Smart Array controllers.  The Maintenance and Service guide should show several controller cabling options. 

If I was configuring a system with the additional 2 sff cage I'd probably add an H240 controller or another P440

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