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Adding another processor

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Adding another processor

Im trying to add another processor to the machine. but unfortunalty doesn't seems to regognized my other processor.

Processor Intel Xeon 2.4 E5530

Socket 1 has the exact same processor. I checked both of the processors in the socket 1 and it works. 

What should I do? 


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Re: Adding another processor

Hi @NileV !

Is the processor recognized during POST?

Is there any BIOS settiing accidentally set that disables a processor?

Can we assume your machine boots to an OS? Which one are you running?

If the processor is seen during POST and nothing in the BIOS disables it then try running a system inspector like HWMonitor (if you have Windows installed). That program digs deep and will find all your cores, the utilization of your cores, temperatures, etc. If that program can see both processors then you're probably in good shape.

I'm sure there's a Linux equivalent of HWMonitor.

There is a chance there is something wrong with the processor or its installation. Have you tried some basic troubleshooting steps like swapping positions of the processors? If the fault follows the processor then maybe you have a defective unit. Otherwise, maybe there is something wrong with the socket. Maybe you'll get lucky and just reseating the processor fixes everything!