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Advice for avoiding configuration errors when swapping System Board on an ML370 G3

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Advice for avoiding configuration errors when swapping System Board on an ML370 G3



Just a few months before retirement, a ML370 G3 has developed the redundant fan issue and periodically shuts down due to fan #3 failing (even though the fan has been swapped / is known to be good).


I am buying a replacement system board witht he exact same part number as my current faulty board.


I will ensure I place every single component back in exactly the same slot on the replacement board.  Beyond that; does anybody have advice on how to preserve boot orders and other things that could prevent Windows from booting properly?  I am using 2 x 642 controllers (one for the internal cage and one for an external MSA30 enclosure).


Is it possible to export BIOS settings from one System Board to another (like you can with some desktops)?  -OR- Is it a case of manually noting all the settings and replicating them in the new system board's BIOS?


I've found the below proceedure on another thread which relates to swapping RAID array disks to another server - is wiping the NVRAM necessary if I'm placing the 642 controllers in a the sytem board with exactly the same part numer?


Thanks in advance for any advice!




Install all cards to same slot, flip over cover see labels, find Maintenance Switch enable #6, clear NVRAM, let it POST till message System maintenance Switch detected. Install all drives and boot with first diskette from kit SP19619, continue boot from System Partition Configure Hardware, save and exist, restart â good to go