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Any new scripting tool to create RAID array in Proliant Server

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Any new scripting tool to create RAID array in Proliant Server


I'm looking for a tool that can help automated RAID array scripting in HPE Proliant Server Gen10.

I've already tried HPESmartArrayCmdlets (  and it works like a charm for DL servers which running Smart Array firmware version 1.x.  But later DL servers with Smart Array firmware version: 3.00, the HPESmartArrayCmdlets seems not work anymore. I think because the HPESmartArrayCmdlets version is too old:

PS D:\Project\2021> $saconnection= Connect-HPESA -IP -Username administrator -Password admin13

PS D:\Project\2021> Find-HPESA -Connection $saconnection

IP Hostname Status StatusInfo
-- -------- ------ ---------- Error @{Category=Unavailability; Message=No Smart Array controller found at the target server "ProLiant DL380 Gen10".}


I've also tried the HPE Scripting Toolkit version 11.40 (ssascripting.exe) from this link:

By download and install WinPE from: then configured an ISO file includedthe ssascripting.exe tool and the script file. But when I booted the ISO file on the server (tried both UEFI boot and Legacy BIOS), but nothing happen.

Here is the script:

Action= Configure
Method= Custom

Controller= All
Array= A
Drive= 1I:3:1, 1I:3:2
LogicalDrive= 1
Size= MAX


I just want to ask if there are any other scripting tool to automate the RAID configuration or can anyone points out if I have done anything wrong with my scripting steps.

Thank you!



Re: Any new scripting tool to create RAID array in Proliant Server

The HP Smart Storage Administrator CLI (HP SSACLI) is a commandline-based disk configuration program that helps you configure, manage, diagnose, and monitor HP ProLiant Smart Array Controllers and now other storage devices as well, such as host bus adapters (HBAs), HP Storage controllers, and future devices such as SCSI Express drives, and SAS switch devices. HP SSACLI replaces the existing HP Array Configuration CLI Utility, or ACUCLI, with an updated design and will deliver new features and functionality for various Smart Storage initiatives as they come online. HP Smart Array Advanced Pack 1.0 and 2.0 features are now part of the baseline features of HP SSACLI, with the appropriate firmware. HP SSACLI will allow you to configure and manage your storage as before, but now with additional features, abilities, and supported devices. Existing ACUCLI scripts should only need to make minimal changes such as calling the appropriate binary or executable in order to maintain compatibility.


HP Smart Storage Administrator (HP SSA) CLI for Windows 64-bit

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Re: Any new scripting tool to create RAID array in Proliant Server

Thank you @AmRa ,

I think HP SSACLI only works when running on Windows/Linux which already installed locally on the server. In my case, I want to deploy something like a script to automatically create logical array on a new server without any OS deployed yet.