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BL35p NC370i not detected driver during mini setup

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BL35p NC370i not detected driver during mini setup


I am trying to automate the build of a BL35p with a NC370i NIC, using a sysprep'd image of Windows 2003 x64. The image contains a valid driver for the NC370i though after the image has been deployed and the machine boots into Windows all hardware is correctly detected with the right drivers installed except for the NC370i. Which is shown in Device manager as a "NDIS Client for BroadCom Netxreme II GigE" device. The "Welcome to Hardware Update Wizard" is also displayed and if I select the "Install the software automatically (Recommended)" the correct driver is installed. So I'm at loss as to why the driver is not installed druing mini-setup when the image is laid down on the machine.

The driver I'm having to use is not signed (see post "BL35p NC370i Driver problems" in this forum for the reason) so this feels like it's a driver signing issue. Though the sysprep.inf "DriverSigningPolicy" is set to "=Ignore" and the machine from which the image was created had it's "Local Security Policy -> Security Options -> Devices: Unsigned driver installation behaviour" set to "Silenty succeed" before the sysprep process was started.

I've never had a problem like this with any other piece of HW & driver and have tripled checked everything. Has anyone else had this problem or been able to resolve it?


Tom Morrow
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Re: BL35p NC370i not detected driver during mini setup

Is this the driver you are using?

HP NC-Series Multifunction Driver for Windows Server 2003 x64 Editions version