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Bulk Data Copy causes server hang

Bob Smithson
Occasional Visitor

Bulk Data Copy causes server hang

DL380 G3 (W2K3 SP1) which operates fine under normal conditions. However if a bulk copy of data is transferred to it, the server grinds to a halt and prevents all connectivity.

Have performed HP diagnostics on array, all successful. Need to upgrade all firmware and support packs.

Just wondered if anyone had encountered a similar issue and isolated a cause?
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: Bulk Data Copy causes server hang

Hi Bob,

That sounds like its going to be something related to the network as opposed to the drive array.

What switch are you connected to ?
Can you see any errors on the switch port ?

Sebastien Mayer
Occasional Visitor

Re: Bulk Data Copy causes server hang


I've recently had this problem on one of my servers. In my case, it turns out that the NIC windows driver was auto-negotiating a wrong connection type for some reason that didn't sit well with the switch. So, a manualy selected a connection speed of 100 full dupl. And that did the trick.

But in past experiences, it could be a defective NIC driver or the NIC itself, the patch cable not well connected or damaged or the port on the switch.

Try eliminating these out.
Bob Smithson
Occasional Visitor

Re: Bulk Data Copy causes server hang

Thanks guys.

Just recommended updating the support pack, which will cover the drivers.

It's a Cisco Switch with both port and card set to Auto so I'll reconfigure these to fixed settings.

I've also recommended configuring perfmon so I should start getting some results back soon.

I'll let you know the results.