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CPU Upgrade for Proliant 6500

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CPU Upgrade for Proliant 6500

I would be grateful if anybody could confirm the fastest cpus that could be fitted to my Proliant 6500. Current single cpu is a 400mhz PII Xeon

The motherboard is marked only for 400/450mhz, but the sticker inside the cover with cpu switch settings indicates 400/450/500mhz. Other information that I have found tells me that the board could even take 550mhz, but if that is the case then I have no idea what the switch settings would be.

Motherboard spares number is: 328843-001

I am hoping to fit 4 500mhz (or maybe 550) PIII Xeon cpus (probably from a 6400R) which have vrms part number 320328-001 (spares number 328701-001)

Given that the cost of delivery would be far greater than the value of the cpus themselves (I am in New Zealand) I don't want to get it wrong!

Any help would be much appreciated