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Can't create USB key from ACU ISO image???

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Can't create USB key from ACU ISO image???

Hi all!

I am trying to create a bootable USB key with the ACU (Array Configuration Utility) on it.


Here is the page which contains the .iso I am trying (I have also tried the previous two versions of the .iso with no different results)


If for some reason that does not show up the file is named:


The directions on that page clearly state that I should be able to use that .iso (after unzipping) to create a USB key.


I am using the HP USB key utility (version 2.0)


I am running this from Windows Server 2012 R2.


I have used this utility before to create a bootable USB key of the SPP that I used to update all of the firmware on my Proliant DL180 G6 and it worked fine.


When I go through the motions and select the .iso image I get an error which states:


This CD/DVD does not support USB Key creation from an ISO file.

Please use physical CD/DVD media to create the USB Key.


Well I do not have access to an external or intertal CD/DVD drive that I can install in my DL180 G6 even I had access to the physical media (which I do not).


Most importantly I do not understand why the page I linked cleary states that I can use that image to created a USB drive key . . . when I cleary can not.


Does anyone know what I can do from here?  Is there a version of the .iso somewhere that will work? 

I really need to have the functionality of ACU in order grow my RAID 6 array at a later date and from what I can tell this is the best way to do it.  Also since the only compter I have easy access to which has windows on it is the server itself I really want to have that USB key in hand before I create the initial array.  Because once it is created the only windows access I have goes away immediately.  LOL


Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!





Re: Can't create USB key from ACU ISO image???

I just want to let everyone know that if I do not respond for a while . . . it is not because I am ignoring anyone or whatever.  It is because I am leaving for vacation tomorrow and I will not be back for about 2 weeks.


Thanks in advance for any help!


Any suggestions or ideas or questions will be answered in about two weeks!


Re: Can't create USB key from ACU ISO image???



See if this document helps you in any way:


ISO file is corrupt
ISO file is not bootable
CD/DVD media is damaged
No bootable files found on ISO or CD/DVD media


I would also try downloading a previous version of HP USB Key Utility for Windows and try to burn this ISO.


Happy Holidays




Thank You!
I am a HP employee
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Re: Can't create USB key from ACU ISO image???

Well I am back.


First thanks for the response.


Secondly, I can believe I might have gotten 1 corrupted file.  However, 3 is pretty unthinkable.  I did try with three different versions of the .iso I linked in my first post.  I even tried to unzip the file on windows rather than on my Mac.  So if this is a corrupted file . . . I either had three corrupted files or I have a bad USB drive (the drive I am using to transfer the files betweeen my Mac and my DL180) that manages only to show symptoms on Windows server which beacuase it is so large (16 GB) the odds of a file getting onto the same bad sector or whatever of the USB drive (when the drive is less than 1% full) is highly unlikely.  I do not know about you but I find both of those to be very very very unlikely secanario's.  The USB drive in question is brand new (I took it out of the packaging to use it for this purpose) so I find the latter issue the most unlikely.  However, I will reformat the USB drive in question just to rule that out.


I know the version of HP USB Key Utility for Windows is just fine . . . because I used it to create other USB Key's no problem.  However, that does not mean that the version of the Key Utility I am using is somehow too new for the .iso's I am using.  I will try going back one version and see what happens.


Thanks again for the response.  I will reply again when I have tried reformatting the USB drive and the older versio of the USB Key Utility.


Re: Can't create USB key from ACU ISO image???

Ok so I tried with an older version of the key utility -- version 1.7. I got the same result. Photo attached.

To fully rule out a corrupted file I re downloaded the ACU .iso directly onto the windows computer I was using. Unsurprisingly it made no difference!

I was using my nephews computer who happened to be visiting. Fortunately he has a cd/DVD writer on his laptop. So I wrote the same .iso image to a cd. Then I used that cd to successfully make a USB key.

The good news is that I got it to work.

I can not fathom how the .iso file can not be used to make a USB key until it is written to a CD. This seems like a major bug to me which needs to be fixed. There are situations which might arise where someone does not have the ability to burn the image to a disc.

Even though it did not help directly thanks for the assistance.
Jimmy Vance

Re: Can't create USB key from ACU ISO image???

You don't need to burn the ISO image to media, but you do need to mount the ISO image for the utility to work.  I use a free utility called MagicDisc to mount ISO images in Windows.


There are other free ISO mounting utilites, but MagicDisc has alwys worked well for me


I just built a bootable 9.40 USB key using the USB key utility within the mounted ISO image


ACU offline  is an outdated tool, the last update was in 2013. Depending on what server and controller you are woring with you might need HP SSA offline. The latest verson is



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Re: Can't create USB key from ACU ISO image???

First off thanks for the response.

Secondly, I do understand what you are saying . . . but the instructions for the ACU clearly state you should be able to use the .iso directly. The instructions really should be corrected. Again I did figure it out eventually so in the end it was no big deal for me . . . but I was not in a rush to get it working . . . if I was In a rush the inadequate instructions would have been a huge problem!

I am not at my computer right now so I can not give you a link but according to the document I am reading the ACU is the right choice for me vs SAA (if you really want I can get you the document name/number/whatever just let me know). According to the document there are several bits of functionality which are missing from SAA which are present on ACU.

But again I do appreciate the advice!