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Changing BIOS Settings....

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Changing BIOS Settings....



I've got a couple DL360 G5 that we recently purchased used.


The software I'm installing requires changes to a couple of the CPU option settings. No problems with the first G5.


This second one, I can get to the settings I want to change, I can change it (Disable to Enable), but when I press ENTER to accept the change it does nothing. Like the enter key is not working (it is). In fact I can't even change the date or time settings. I can move between the fields.  It lets me look at everything, but I can't change anything.


I've run 10.10 Firmware, 8.70B SmartStart, cleared the NVRAM. All the jumper settings are to the OFF position, which I believe to be correct. Googled for a hour, but one seems to have had this issue ?  BIOS Version is P58 05/02/2011.


Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

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Re: Changing BIOS Settings....

My mistake........while rechecking again......Jumper 2 was in the ON position...Configuration Locked.