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Combo of errors ML350 G5 - Hp server problems

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Combo of errors ML350 G5 - Hp server problems

This server is giving to me a lot of problems, especially in the last months.

I have replaced the controller's battery but still nothing.


This is a screenshot of the program HP ProLiant Integrated Management Log Viewer :


look at the image (click on the link above) to read the list of errors




Questo server mi stà dando un sacco di problemi, specialmente negli ultimi mesi.

Ho provveduto a sostituire la batteria del controller ma niente.


Questo è uno screenshot del programma HP ProLiant Integrated Management Log Viewer :


guarda l'immagine (clicca sul link quì sopra) per leggere la lista degli errori



Re: Combo of errors ML350 G5 - Hp server problems



I have few suggestions.

1.  Update Firmware for the smart array controller.


2.  Generate Array Diagnostic Report and share with HP Support for analysis.



For 17xx error, here is what it means:

1784-Slot X Drive Array Drive Failure. The Following SCSI Drive(s) Should Be Replaced: SCSI Port Y: SCSI ID Z
Possible Cause: Defective drive or SCSI cables detected.
1. Be sure all cables are connected properly and securely.
2. Be sure all drives are fully seated.
3. Replace defective cables, drive X, or both.

1786-Slot 1 Drive Array Recovery Needed...
Possible Cause: A failed or replacement drive has not yet been rebuilt.
• Perform one of the following actions:
o Press the F1 key to continue with recovery of data to the drive. Data will be automatically restored to drive X when a failed drive has been replaced, or to the original drive if it is working again without errors.
o Press the F2 key to continue without recovery of data to the drive. The failed drive will not be rebuilt and the system will continue to operate in a failed state of Interim Data Recovery Mode.
• Replace the failed drive and press the F1 key to rebuild the array.


1794-Drive Array - Array Accelerator Battery Charge Low...
Possible Cause: The battery charge is below 75 percent. Posted writes are disabled.
Action: Replace the array accelerator board if the batteries do not recharge within 36 powered-on hours.

1789-Slot X Drive Array SCSI Drive(s) Not Responding...
Possible Cause: Drives that were working when the system was last used are now missing or are not starting up. A possible drive problem or loose SCSI cable exists.
1. Power down the system.
2. Be sure all cables are properly connected.
3. Be sure all drives are fully seated.
4. Power cycle any external SCSI enclosures while the system is off.
5. Power up the server to see if the problem still exists.
6. If configured for fault-tolerant operation and the RAID level can sustain failure of all indicated drives:
a. Press the F2 key to fail the drives that are not responding
b. Replace the failed drives.
7. Press the F1 key to start the system with all logical drives on the controller disabled.
Be sure the system is always powered up and down correctly.
• When powering up the system, all external storage systems must be powered up before the server.
• When powering down the system, the server must be powered down before external storage systems.

1778-Drive Array Resuming Automatic Data Recovery Process
Possible Cause: A controller reset or power cycle occurred while Automatic Data Recovery was in progress.
Action: No action is required.



Hope this info helps you.


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Re: Combo of errors ML350 G5 - Hp server problems

As a result of the problems listed above, after a reboot, the system are no longer starts.

Since it must be always on to run all clients - I have tried various configurations - now works with two hard drives instead of four.

I followed the advice and I upgraded the firmware and software hp array diag.

then attach the report it has generated.




In seguito ai problemi sopra elencati dopo un riavvio il sistema non è più partito.

Dato che è molto importante per tutti i client connessi che sia sempre acceso ho tentato varie configurazioni e ora sta funzionando a due hard disk al posto di quattro.

Ho seguito i consigli e ho aggiornato il firmware ed il software hp array diag. quindi allego il report che ha generato.

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Re: Combo of errors ML350 G5 - Hp server problems

... :(

Sirajul haque
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Re: Combo of errors ML350 G5 - Hp server problems

I find that one of the HDD failed


Physical Drive 1I:1:2The physical drive has failed.


And The cache is temporarily disabled (Cache is temporarly disabled due to low battery voltage)


I further checked the report and find that there is one battery and it is failed


Battery Count    1  (0x0001)
Battery Status    0  (0x0000)
Failed Batteries1  (0x0001)

So you need to replace the HDD for sure and see whether battery charged now.. If not, replace the battery of the cache as well :), if the server was in OFF state, it can take 48hrs to charge it, Wait for 72 hours and see battery  fully charged or not





Though I work for HP, I do not represent HP here :)