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Compaq Array Configuration Utility

Paul Fagg_2
Occasional Contributor

Compaq Array Configuration Utility

Hi I have done a manual Server setup on my new DL580.
Ive installed the system partion and utils, but I can install the ACU. When i try and make floppies of this from the web or the smart start cd to upgrade the system partion the files on the floppy are just setup files.

Does anyone know where i can get the files to upgrade the sys partition so i can run the ACU from it??
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harry d brown jr
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq Array Configuration Utility

I'm going to assume you are using some version of windoze. A guick google search provided,,0xf45eef70e827d711abdc0090277a778c,00.html

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Janine Bertolo
Honored Contributor

Re: Compaq Array Configuration Utility

Hi Paul;

There is no Array Configuration Utility compatible with your hardware that can be run from the System Partition.

The only two ways to run the utility are by booting off the SmartStart CD and choosing it as an option, or by installing the Array Configuration Utility to run from within your operating system. This option is included in the HP Support Pack for your OS.

If your array controller is one of the newer ones, you can also configure the array using the controller BIOS with an F8 prompt.

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david ehret
Occasional Advisor

Re: Compaq Array Configuration Utility

Just to add some informations to Janine's reply: to setup an old Proliant, you need the SmartStart 5.50.
If you plan to setup a new server (G2), you need, at least, the SmartStart 6.0 (go for 6.10).
That's because in new Proliant (from G2 and up), there is no Compaq partition (system partition). Tools are included in a Rom. These servers are RBSU (Rom Based Setup Utilities).
Hope it could help.