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Compaq Proliant 1500 PC Server

Jim Phipps
Occasional Visitor

Compaq Proliant 1500 PC Server

We have a compaq Proliant 1500 PC server that needs a good home. This is what we know about it:

System Board: CPQ0811
Config memory 7F
Processor (2) Pentium AT 166Mhz
Expansion Buses PCI, EISA
System Identification #D636HUJ10854
System Boot Speed High
LPT Ports LPT1 Address = 03BC
COM1 Address = 0050
COM2 Address = 0DBF
COM3 Address = 0F00
Embedded SCSI Controller IRQ 10
Device SCSI CD-ROM Disk
Revision 1.06
Model Compaq CRD-254V
Diskette Drive A 1.44MB (3.5?)
32 Bit Compaq Smart-2/P Array Controller in slot 8

Configured Logical Drives = 0
Adapter ROM Revision 1.36
Adapter Hardware Revision FF
Array Accelerator Memory 4096KB
Battery count 3
Battery charged 1,2,3 Failed = None
Base memory 640KB
Extended Memory 130048KB
Total Memory 131072KB

Just want to know if this has any interest to anyone. Please let us know.

Jim or Jerry