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Compaq Proliant ML370

D Carrington
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Compaq Proliant ML370

I am about to configure my Compaq Proliant ML370 server, but I cannot find the driver for the harddisk.

The harddisk that is in the server is a Compaq Ultra3 SCSI (9.1Gb), I have searched Compaq's website but I cannot find this driver, can anyone provide a link to the driver?

Ron Amos
Valued Contributor

Re: Compaq Proliant ML370

Hi D. Carrington,

You didn???t indicate the model of ML370 you have ??? I expect it would be either the G2 or G3 model as you mention Ultra 3 SCSI Hard Drives. Also you didn???t indicate the type of Operating System you are running or if you are using Imbedded SCSI or Smart ARRAY Controller.

In any case the Hard Drive doesn???t require a Driver ??? It is the Controller that the Hard Drive is connected to that needs a Driver. I will give you an example of what is required for a ML370 G2 Server using Standard Imbedded Controller running Windows 2000 Server.

The Standard Controller on this Server is Integrated Dual Channel Wide Ultra3 SCSI Adapter and uses hp ProLiant 32-Bit SCSI Controller Driver for Windows 2000/Server 2003 provided via CP002917.EXE. This is found at Web page URL:

As an extra tip. When you use Smart Start CD Assisted installation the required Drivers are installed automatically.

Hope this helps,

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Terry Hutchings
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Re: Compaq Proliant ML370

Actually this driver is only used on the embedded in the generation 1 server (ultra2 adapter embedded), not the G2 or G3s. For the later servers I would recommend the Ultra 3 driver:

If neither one of these works, then the controller is not the embedded and more info will be needed to determine what hardware you have (array controller, etc.).
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