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Conflict between the storage array and SCSI hard disk


Conflict between the storage array and SCSI hard disk

Recently we had a problem with our server HP ML 370 G3, a storage array HP5300 is connected with it, the server fails to start , after several attempts to repair I was able to start the server by changing the location of the connecting SCSI hard disk, I connect hard drives with scsi card directly on the port (it works on port1 port2 ). I thought the problem is solved but by connecting the storage array I had a conflict with the storage array (placed externally on port SCSI) and SCSI hard disk (placed on the internal SCSI port) attempt to simultaneously access the same SCSI port and the system disables the card pending the resolution of the problem.
The error I got is: "Internal and external drives cannot be attached to the Both same SCSI port"
This error is categorized as an error: "1776-Slot X Drive Array - SCSI Bus Termination Error"
As an action must "Reconfigure the SCSI drives to different ports. '
So I try to reconfigure the disks on different SCSI ports or tray to connect the gard drives with the main board.
I ask for your help and thank you.



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Re: Conflict between the storage array and SCSI hard



It seems The Scsi Cabel Terminater or cable error .Change it and Confirm.

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Re: Conflict between the storage array and SCSI hard disk

I cant quite understand your setup but it sounds as though you are trying to use internal disks in the ML370 AND and external disks in an external disk enclosure all on the same Smart Array 5300.

You need to understand that the standard 5300 (ie the 5302) only has 2 channels onboard.

There are internal connectors for ch1 and ch2 and external connectors for ch1 and ch2.
So you cannot have something connected to internal ch1 and external ch1 at the same time.
This sounds like the cause of your error.


There is a daughter board that can be fitted to a 5302 making it a 5304.

This means you now have 4 channels but the same rules apply.

Hope this helps


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