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Constant beeping on startup


Constant beeping on startup

Hi, we have a few Proliant servers - HP dl585 g2's


One of them was running fine, then started constant beeping.   On the light panel on the front, the far left light of the four is flashing red. 


Would this be the processor overheading ?



Re: Constant beeping on startup




The LED mentioned above is the internal health. If it flashes red then there is a critical system health issue. To isolate the issue, have the server powered on, then remove the access panel and check the Systems Insight Dispaly . You may refer to section 'Component identification > Internal components > Media board components' in the server's HP ProLiant DL585 Generation 2 Server Maintenance and Service Guide. Once identified, refer to section 'Component identification > Internal components > Systems Insight Display LEDs' in the guide to identify which LED is illuminated amber or red. That component needs to be either reseated or swapped to further isolate the issue.


Hope this helps!





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