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DL360 G7 CPU upgrade woes.

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DL360 G7 CPU upgrade woes.

I have 2 of these lovely systems for virtualization. They are both equiped with Xeon E5606 processors. One has 2 CPU and other a single.  I plan on upgraded the server with the single cpu to dual hex core X5690 which is listed on the spec sheet.


I have purchased and received my twin X5690 / fan module / heatsinks. However when I install them the system refuses to post. The 16GB (4x4GB) of memory dedicated to the single cpu is split between the processors in Channel 1 Slot A and Channel 2 Slot B on either side.


I've tested both CPUs in another LGA1366 socket machine and they work perfectly.


I've done other upgrades in my other servers DL360 G5 with no issues. What am I missing?



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Re: DL360 G7 CPU upgrade woes.

Hello dacody;


This server has 2 different option of systemboard, one that support 90 watts CPU and another for 130 watts CPU.  I've checked both CPU's and foud that E5606 is 90 W and  X5690 is a 130 W.  In this case probably your DL360G7 is using the 90 w systemboard.

Those are the spares so you can check:


System board


-90W Spare #602512-001  

-130W Spare #641250-001



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Jimmy Vance

Re: DL360 G7 CPU upgrade woes.

update to the latest system ROM. The current ROM may not be compatible with the newer CPU

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