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DL360 GEN 8 - Unable to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.4

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DL360 GEN 8 - Unable to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.4

Operating system/version: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.4 Product: HP ProLiant DL360e Gen8 E5-2403 1P 8GB-R Hot Plug 8 SFF 2x460W PS Server/S-Buy Problem description: New HP ProLiant DL360e Gen8 - Xeon E5-2403 1.8 GHz with HP Dynamic Smart Array B320i controller.

New HP ProLiant DL360e Gen8 - Xeon E5-2403 1.8 GHz with HP Dynamic Smart Array B320i controller.
With 2x HP Midline - hard drive - 500 GB - SAS-2 652745-B21 and SAS license key.

We already inputted the SAS license key so that it can support SAS drives.
We set the RAID into mirrored mode using the Intelligent Provisioning.
In the Intelligent Provisioning we can see the two hard drives.

When we start installing through Intelligent Provisioning, the following error shows up:
Intelligent Provisioning is unable to validate the media, but is continuing and will reboot to it.
When we click OK, it reboots and launches installer. As we proceed through installation it then says
"No disks found"
No usable disks have been found.



Same issue when attempting install directly, not using HP Intelligent Provisioning



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Re: DL360 GEN 8 - Unable to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.4



Thanks to the original author I googled a detailed  method from


You can have a try!


-  The media of Insatallation CentOS DVD or USB  A USB key with additional B320i driver for RedHat 6.4

Preparation of the key with the pilot

- Download the driver on the HP site or
-  Formatting a key or FAT32 Ext 2,3,4 .  Extract the contents of RPM on the USB key The path should match hpvsa-kmod-1.2.6-13.rhel6u4 . x86_64 (lib/modules/2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64/extra/hpvsa/hpvsa.ko .

Installing CentOS

Start the machine with CentOS disk when the GRUB menu appears press TAB to edit the boot line. Add "blacklist = ahci" and hit enter. Linux start. 
when the first mask (ncurses) appears with an invitation to check the installation media, press ALT + F2 to get a console. 
If you booted from a DVD, you must enter the path to a mirror to download the installer. Indeed the argument blacklist = ahci have disabled your DVD for installation.

Connect the USB drive and mount the newly created / mnt / usb folder:

# Mkdir / mnt / usb 
# mount / dev/sda1 / mnt / usb

Load B320i module

# Insmod / mnt/usb/kmod-hpvsa-1.2.6-13.rhel6u4.x86_64 (lib/modules/2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64/extra/hpvsa/hpvsa.ko

In doing so you will see the disk LEDs activate.

Continue installing CentOS according to your criteria at the end, be sure to install GRUB on the right boot disk (probably / dev / sdb).Do not restart the machine by clicking the 'REBOOT' button

Update the system with the RedHat 6.4 driver

Retourer on the console with the key combination CTRL + ALT + F2. 
Copy the driver in the distribution:

# Cp / mnt/usb/kmod-hpvsa-1.2.6-13.rhel6u4.x86_64/lib/modules/2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64/extra/hpvsa/hpvsa.ko / mnt / sysimage / lib / modules / 2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64/extra/hpvsa/hpvsa.ko 
# cp / mnt/usb/kmod-hpvsa-1.2.6-13.rhel6u4.x86_64/etc/depmod.d / * / mnt / sysimage / etc / depmod.d /

Change the root:

mount-o bind / proc / mnt / sysimage / proc 
mount-o bind / dev / mnt / sysimage / dev 
chroot / mnt / sysimage / bin / bash 
export PATH = $ PATH :/ sbin

Rebuild the ramdisk in intérgrant the driver with the following command:

# Mkinitrd initramfs-2.6.32-2.6.32-358.el6.x86_64.img 358.el6.x86_64 - force - with = hpvsa

edit / boot / grub / menu.lst and add to the end of the line that starts with KERNEL argument blacklist = ahci
Reinstalling GRUB with the following command:

# Grub-install / dev / sdb

Out of the environment and remove paths:

# Exit 
# cd / 
# umount / mnt / sysimage / proc 
# umount / mnt / sysimage / dev

Return on graphic display terminal with ALT + F6 and restart the machine by clicking 'REBOOT'.

So, when you restart your machine should boot CentOS and recognize disks B320i RAID controller.

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Re: DL360 GEN 8 - Unable to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 6.4

While the method posted by wanhao may work, you don't need to go through all this trouble. Just download the DUD image, uncompress and copy the image file to a USB drive key. When you boot from the installation media, add "dd" to the boot line. If prompted for what device has the driver image select the USB key.


I'd need to check the latst version of Intelligent Provisioning, but the DUD image should be in the VID (Virtual Install DIsk), but I think you still need to add "dd" on the boot line and then select the VID device.


hpvsa for RHEL 6.1-6.4 x86_64 is here


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