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DL360 Gen10 - Upgrade Array controller

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DL360 Gen10 - Upgrade Array controller


I have a couple of DL360 Gen10 servers that were purchased and built using their 'HPE Smart Array E208i-a' array controllers. Both servers' arrays include 4logical RAID1 drives.

We have decided to upgrade the array controllers to 'Smart Array P408i-p' cards, with the requirement to maintain the 4 logical drives as-is.

My question is, is it possible to simply sap the cables and have the disks automatically picked up by the controller and the OS (the OS is SLES 12).
What steps would be required if this isn't an automatic process?

Thanks for your advice.


Re: DL360 Gen10 - Upgrade Array controller


You can upgrade the P408i-p. Please follow the below steps before upgrading.

1. You should have complete data backup before upgrading.

2. Make sure both the controllers should be the same firmware version.

a) Note down the E208i-a controller firmware before removing it.
b) Do not connect hard disk after inserting the P408i controller.

c) Note down the P408i controller firmware first before connecting the hard disks. 

d) Do the same firmware of P408i controller, if it has different firmware.

e)Follow the below SA E208i-a SR Gen10 Controller user guide for more clarifications. 

HPE Smart Array E208i-a SR Gen10 Controller

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