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DL360 gen9 & phy qudaro p2000

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DL360 gen9 & phy qudaro p2000

Hello to all. I'm searching information, confirmation or cases of successful install phy nvidia quadro p2000 on this server. The official datasheet for this server says i can install m2000, m4000, p4000, tesla t4. But the datasheet for gen10 has information about support p2000.
I don't understand why this server officialy not support this card, but support next generation phy?

Maybe anyone has this experience?


Re: DL360 gen9 & phy qudaro p2000

Hi @beerko ,

As far as I am aware, the server technical architecture has drastically changed between Gen9 and Gen10, compared to what it used to be between Gen8 and Gen9. The inclusions or exclusions in certain peripherals or adapter supports might be based on this or even the form factors, power requirements and numerous other parameters during the product design. 

If you notice, DL380 Gen9 model which is much more performance oriented compared to the DL360 Gen9 supports P2000, which might point you in the right direction.

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nk you Re: DL360 gen9 & phy qudaro p2000

Hi @Paul_J_K, thank you for answer. I guess there isn't schenematic or software limitation for using P2000 on dl360gen9, beacuse other supported GPUs may consume more electricity, The power of P2000 is not the highest, even among those video cards that no require additional power supply.

I found some info about install p2000 on gen8 on github, DL360p-G8 P2000. Autor says, you need to modifiy the hood cover and remove the the opener. 

But opener gen9 on another side. It's not a problem dl360 gen9.